OU Advocacy’s work brings millions of dollars to our community’s synagogues and schools.

2013 OU Advocacy Results by the Numbers


New York

This year, OU Advocacy successfully increased CAP & MSR funding — yielding approximately $45 million in total CAP & MSR funding for NY Jewish day school students. Our efforts also helped secure approximately $4.5 million in security aid for nonpublic schools.


OU Advocacy continues to help deliver security grant funding for nonprofits. This year’s funding is $10 Million dollars — much of which will go to Jewish institutions — bringing the program’s total funding since its inception to more than $100 million.


This year, OU Advocacy and the PA Jewish community successfully secured approximately $6.5 million for Jewish day schools from tax credit scholarship programs and $400,000 in security funding.


This year, OU Advocacy created a new partnership with the Jewish Leadership Coalition for School Choice. Our efforts in this coalition helped secure $4.9 million from the existing tax credit scholarship program for Jewish day schools.

New Jersey

This year, OU Advocacy successfully worked to secure $700,000 in technology aid and an increase of $200,000 in nursing aid for Jewish day schools, for a total of $2.7 million.

In addition to the funding mentioned above, in recent years, OU Advocacy has:

  • Brought more than $75 million in federal homeland security grants to Jewish communities around the country
  • Together with our coalition partners, secured a $25 million expansion of the 12 year-old Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit program and established a $50 million Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program.
  • Worked to garner support for tuition affordability measures and build politically active communities in Texas and Florida; created a new partnership in South Florida to support Jewish schools and advocate for tuition affordability with Florida legislators.
  • Enhanced Israel’s security through our engagement with the President of the United States and senior Administration officials.
  • Enacted workplace religious freedom laws in New York and New Jersey.
  • Expanded legal protections for synagogues, day schools and other religious institutions from zoning law discrimination.