Orthodox Union Statement with Regard to the Upcoming Address to the U.S. Congress by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Today, the leadership of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, issued the following statement: Much ink has been spilled debating the political dimensions of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s upcoming address to the U.S. Congress—both within the context of the impending Israeli elections and the impact of the visit on domestic U.S. politics.
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Nonpublic School Transportation

Each year, more than 800 students in the United States are killed due to traffic fatalities during their commutes to and from school. The school bus is the safest form of transportation for students, considered nearly eight times safer than … Continued
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Orthodox Union: Mayor de Blasio’s Changes to Universal Pre-K Program are Inadequate; Do Not Solve Needs of Yeshiva & Jewish Day School Community

Today, the Orthodox Union released the following statement responding to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's attempt to respond to shortcomings in his signature UPK program: For more than a year, the Orthodox Union has made the case to City Hall that New York’s Yeshivas and Jewish day schools are—by virtue of unwarranted and arbitrary rules invented by Mayor de Blasio—unable to participate in the Mayor's signature Universal Pre-K program.
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Mayor de Blasio: It’s Time to Keep Your Promise

As the latest element in our “Make Universal Pre-K Universal” campaign, the Orthodox Union has released a video highlighting Mayor de Blasio's inability to include the Jewish day school community in his signature Universal Pre-K program.
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When Universal Pre-K Is Not Universal by OU Executive Vice President Allen Fagin

“We will offer every child, from every borough of this city, truly universal, full-day Pre-K.” That was Mayor Bill de Blasio’s promise to the children of New York City one year ago in his inaugural State of the City address. The Mayor's pledge of a free pre-K program available to every four-year-old in New York City — regardless of background, religion, or socio-economic status — signaled an exciting and visionary approach to early childhood education for all New York preschoolers.
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OU Policy Resolution: The Iranian Threat

On February 4, 2015, the OU Board of Directors passed the following policy resolution on the Iranian threat: The Orthodox Union is gravely concerned about the Iranian regime’s potential development of a nuclear weapons capability. With such a capability, Iran … Continued
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OU Convention Resolutions 2014

To read a PDF of the Resolutions passed at the Orthodox Union’s 116th Anniversary Convention, please click here.
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Orthodox Union Welcomes U.S. House Introduction of Bill to Revamp Federal Education Programs

Today, the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the nation’s largest Orthodox Jewish umbrella organization, welcomed the introduction of the Student Success Act (H.R.5) in the U.S. House of Representatives. H.R.5 will reauthorize and revise the law governing federal K-12 education policy and funding, know most recently as “No Child Left Behind.”
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Orthodox Union Testimony To NY State Joint Budget Committee: Demand Mayor de Blasio Accommodates Jewish Day Schools Before Authorizing Funding for Year 2 of Universal Pre-K Program

In his testimony before the New York State Joint Budget Committee today, Jake Adler, New York Policy Director for OU Advocacy-Teach NYS, emphasized that 89 percent of New York City’s Jewish day school community is unable to participate in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Universal Pre-K (UPK) program. Adler pressed the Committee to address the needs of the Jewish day schools before authorizing funding for Year 2 of the City’s UPK program.
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