Getting Out The Vote In New Jersey









In the weeks leading up to this year’s election, OU staff worked tirelessly to encourage residents of New Jersey to vote through door knocking campaigns, phone banking nights and educational events throughout the state.

Arielle Frankston Morris is the New Jersey marketing director. She was involved in a door knocking campaign on Sunday. Students and young professionals volunteered their free time to knock on doors in Teaneck and encourage residents to vote. Arielle said: “It was great to see young people seizing activism opportunities.  We are hoping to continue engaging the New Jersey Jewish community in this way, facilitating more opportunities for activism in pursuit of Day School Tuition Affordability.” Frankston Morris also spoke about the larger success of the Get Out The Vote campaign: “We kicked off our Get Out the Vote Campaign in Deal, New Jersey.  There, our enthusiastic NCSY volunteers had a great time and succeeded in reaching out to members of the Deal and Highland Park communities and reminding them to vote.”

Adam Platt hosted a phone bank event at his apartment in Washington Heights where dozens of volunteers called over one thousand families in New Jersey. Platt sated: “Our phone bank brought together people in our community who had never met before to work for a common cause.” He continued: “It was a bonding experience that let us have fun and even laugh at ourselves. Being part of such a close knit community,  many of us even ended up calling families that we knew to remind them to vote.”

Josh Pruzansky is the Regional Director of New Jersey. Among the many operations taking place in his state, he personally attended and spoke at educational events in over thirty schools and synagogues. Pruzansky expressed his satisfaction with the campaign: “I was so proud of the way that our staff and volunteers, coordinated by Arielle Frankston-Morris, knocked on doors, made phone calls and passed out flyers reminding people to vote on Election Day. In spite of the damage inflicted on the residents of those communities from Hurricane Sandy, these volunteers were determined that our community remember their obligation to vote. We even had Estee Goldschmidt drive all the way down to Deal to discuss its importance with the students at Ilan High School. Can you imagine, a person raised behind the iron curtain under a Communist regime, a person denied the very liberties this great Country affords us, sharing that joy of democracy with impressionable young future voters? Amazing. Totally amazing.”

A campaign that encourages members of the Jewish community to vote is a manifestation of the OU’s efforts to impart the importance of engaging in the political process.