Nonpublic School Transportation

Each year, more than 800 students in the United States are killed due to traffic fatalities during their commutes to and from school. The school bus is the safest form of transportation for students, considered nearly eight times safer than … Continued
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OU Convention Resolutions 2014

To read a PDF of the Resolutions passed at the Orthodox Union’s 116th Anniversary Convention, please click here.
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TSA and U.S. Customs Guidance for Travelers for the 2014 Sukkot Holiday

  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have released their guidelines for travelers carrying Lulavim and Etrogim. TSA Per the TSA, the TSA’s screening procedures do not prohibit the carrying of the four … Continued
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Orthodox Union Position Paper on Government Aid to Jewish Day Schools

UNION of ORTHODOX JEWISH CONGREGATIONS OF AMERICA Policy Paper Government Aid to Jewish Day Schools   Introduction Education has long been a fundamental source of inspiration and engagement for the Jewish People.  Moreover, a basic level of Jewish knowledge has … Continued


OU/IPA Executive Director Nathan Diament is serving as a “religious sector representative” to the Senate appointed Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious Organizations.  This Commission is reviewing the federal tax laws and regulations that govern religious nonprofits in the … Continued
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What do the Palestinians of East Jerusalem Really Want?

The recent uprisings and events taking place throughout the Middle East have shown the importance of public opinion. It is for this reason that the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs recently conducted a study on a bottom line issue – … Continued
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