Mission to Israel with Governor Christie: Day 1

Today Governor Chris Christie arrived in Israel. The delegation had its own tour of Ir Dovid which was fascinating as it included a special walk through a 3,000 year old drainage tunnel straight to the Kotel. At the Southern Wall excavations we met the Governor and his family, who he was enthralled by the historic significance of observing thousands of years of history.

Following that, we walked to the Kotel. You can imagine the reception he received, especially from some of his New Jersey constituents. He met people from all over including one teacher from New York City who told him to leave the Teachers Union alone. I remarked to the Governor that he can’t escape. He looked amused.

He then met the Chief Rabbi of the Kotel, Rabbi Rabinowitz. They had a nice conversation and the Rabbi said he will pray for New Jersey. Together they walked to the Kotel where the Governor said a prayer.

Also joining us on the tour is Senator Robert Singer of Lakewood.

The delegation had dinner tonight at a restaurant in Jerusalem.

The Governor stopped by with his wife to thank all his friends for joining him and making his first trip to Israel a memorable one. He discussed how he was looking forward to increasing economic development between Israeli companies and New Jersey.

The Governor had to leave to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu for dinner, but as he left I showed him a tweet from the Prime Minister forwarded to me by Nathan Diament that welcomed him to Israel.

He said that he will thank the Prime Minister for the greetings.

Josh Pruzansky
New Jersey Director of Political Affairs