Mission to Israel with Governor Christie: Day 2

Day two of Governor Christie’s mission to Israel began with a meeting with President Shimon Peres at Beit HaNasi.

The President and Governor exchanged pleasantries before opening up the floor for questions.

President Peres gave detailed responses to questions regarding Israel’s economy, foreign relations and history.

At the conclusion, we were invited to take a group photo.

Our next stop was Yad Vashem. We were participants in a detailed tour of the museum. It was very emotional as the Governor received a very detailed history of the Holocaust.

After the tour, the Governor went to light the eternal flame and lay a wreath in the Hall of Remembrance.

Everyone is off to lunch and I will get back to you later today on our next stop.


I had the honor of visiting the OU Israel Center today.

I met with the exciting Executive Director Rabbi Avi Berman and his very helpful staff.

I was able to join the very large Mincha Minyan and had a wonderful time.

Also got to meet some former NJ residents who made Aliyah.

Off to Tel Aviv we go.


Tonight we were guests of a Better Place overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Tel Aviv which is a manufacturer of cars that run 100% on battery power.

It was a fascinating tour followed by a test drive of these extremely quiet automobiles.

The Governor addressed a room full of Israeli Business leaders and extolled the virtues of doing business in the Garden State.

One of the speakers was Michael Granoff who is Head of Oil Dependence Policies for Better Place.

Michael is also a resident of Bergen County and is very active in his community.

Looking forward to tomorrow the final day of this mission.

Josh Pruzansky
New Jersey Director of Political Affairs