OU Supports UN Reform (HR 2829)

As the UN General Assembly gets underway (with all of its usual controversies), Congress is trying to create more transparency within the UN.  Last month, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen introduced the United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act (H.R. 2829) in order to change the funding structure of the UN.  “We need a UN which will advance the noble goals for which it was founded,” Ros-Lehtinen said.

Essentially, instead of paying a lump sum, Ros-Lehtinen is advocating for voluntarily financial contributions to the most efficient and worthwhile sectors of the UN, as is currently done with UNICEF.  In other words, this prevents the US from inadvertently funding activities with which it fundamentally disagrees, such as the anti-Semitic Durban Conference, or the flawed Goldstone Report from the Human Rights Council.

The OU wholeheartedly supports this endeavor to make the UN more effective, and calls upon its members to ask their Members of Congress to support it as well, as the bill moves forward in committee.