Religious Freedom

When an Orthodox Jewish woman working for a State Agency asked to leave early on winter Fridays to ensure that she can be home on time to observe the Sabbath, her request was denied, despite the fact that she offered to make up the two missing hours during the week.

Once the Orthodox Union was alerted, New Jersey Regional Director of Public Policy, Josh Pruzansky, applied extensive efforts to ensure that the religious freedom of this worker was protected as is required by law in the State of New Jersey. After hours of work, a religious accommodation was made. An agreement was reached between this individual and her managers allowing her to leave with ample time to make it home before Shabbos.

“This was a strange case” said Josh Pruzansky, “because this wasn’t a private sector employer who might not know the law in New Jersey and therefore can be excused for their ignorance, but rather it was a State Agency in a State that has had this law in the books for almost 5 years. I am thankful for the work of the Governor’s staff, Senator Buono and Dr. Israel Rivkin in helping resolve this issue.”

The Orthodox Union seeks to preserve and promote religious freedom for Orthodox Jews in the workplace.

If you or anyone you know is in need of assistance in assuring that your legal rights in the area of religious accommodation are being protected, please contact the IPA for guidance.

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