ACTION ALERT: Terror Free Investment Legislation Preparing to Move Through Pennsylvania Senate

The Protecting Pennsylvania’s Investment Act, Senate Bill 928 (SB 928) introduced by Senator Stack (D-Phila.) will be moving in the Pennsylvania Senate next week.

SB 928 is the companion piece to Representative Shapiro’s Terror Free Investing Legislation which passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives unanimously.

When passed, this legislation will force State Pension Boards to divest from any company doing business with a state sponsors of terror such as Iran and Sudan.

The tentative schedule of legislative action on this bill in the Senate is as follows:

Monday May 3rd
12:00pm – Finance Committee vote
Afternoon – Appropriation Committee vote

Wednesday May 5th
Morning – Final Senate vote

We must take action now and show the country and the world that the people of Pennsylvania stand strongly against state sponsors of terror.

Contact your Pennsylvania State Senator and Representative.

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