OU Advocacy’s work in Florida began as a partnership with the Florida Jewish Leadership Coalition. It has now grown to a full time OU Advocacy presence in the Sunshine state –- Teach Florida – thanks to the leadership of Dr. Allan Jacob and other visionary leaders.

Teach Florida has led to 2,405 children receiving tax credit scholarships to attend 34 Jewish day schools and yeshivas in 2016-17. This marks considerable growth over a 6-year period, when 788 students first received an average of $4,000 scholarship each to up to $5868 this school year.   This is due in part to our efforts to raise the income eligibility requirements from 180% above the poverty line to 250% and eliminating the requirement that students attend public school before receiving a scholarship.

Teach Florida is a growing coalition of Jewish day schools and yeshivot, Rabbis and community leaders who recognize that the equitable distribution of government resources for children will help our schools provide an excellent, safe and more affordable education for our children.  You are invited to join our advocacy efforts in Tallahassee and locally to make a difference in the lives of our children and families.