OU Advocacy worked in New Jersey to increase funding for Jewish and other non-public school students for the 2016-17 school year. OU-Teach NJS, another initiative of OU Advocacy, advocated persistently in the New Jersey’s Legislature in the face of a very difficult budgetary and political environment.

The work paid off as OU-Teach NJS helped get $224 per student in Jewish and other non-public schools – the greatest non-public, per-student funding in New Jersey’s history, with increases in crucial sectors:

  • $50 per student to be used to increase security — double the amount previously allocated
  • $26 per student for technology funding, an increase of $6 over the governor’s proposed budget and the highest amount since 2009.
  • $90 per student for nursing, an increase of$5 over the governor’s proposed budget and the greatest amount ever allocated.

OU-Teach NJS and its partners worked on behalf of Jewish day schools and yeshivas during the last year to attain $33.1 million in state aid for non-public schools. Of that amount, $9.3 million will go to Jewish day schools and yeshivas. That’s almost triple the amount four years earlier. Since the formation of OU-Teach NJS, the state has increased funding for non-public schools by 20 percent.