New York State Textbook Loan Program

Posted on January 8, 2015

New York State Per-Pupil Textbook Funding for all Students Residing in the State

New York State requires that all school districts purchase and loan textbooks on an equitable basis to all K-12 students residing in the state who attend either public or non-public school.

New York State provides $58.25 per student for textbooks.

This allocation is given by the local school district where the student resides. The local districts may not be aware of the non-public school students residing in that district, so non-public schools must contact the school districts to request their lawful allocation of textbook funding for the students coming from that district. Often, non-public schools have students who reside in multiple districts within the state. In such cases, each individual district must be contacted to receive the allocation for resident students.

Schools outside of New York City with NYC-Resident Students who Commute Daily

The New York City Department of Education has a division dedicated to non-public school allocations from the NY State Loan Programs. In the case of the textbook loan program, the process is fairly simple. Below are the steps that schools should take to claim an allocation for City residents who commute daily to their school:

  • Send a letter of intent on school letterhead to the New York City Department of Education Office of Business Operations–Non-Public School Unit, expressing the school’s interest in participating in the NYS Loan Program.
  • Include in the letter the school’s BEDS number and the number of NYC-resident students for grades K-12.
  • Attach the names and addresses of the NYC-resident students, your school’s mission statement, and the school’s certificate of incorporation.
  • Provide your contact information, including a preferred phone number and email address.
  • Send the letter of intent to: NYC DOE NPS Unit, 65 Court St., Room 1402, Brooklyn, NY 11201, Attention Donna Marto.

Within a few weeks, you should receive a Location Code from the NYC Department of Ed’s Non-Public School Unit along with the next steps to follow.

We urge all Jewish day schools and yeshivas to register with the NYC-DOE as soon as possible to ensure they receive the funds they deserve for this school year.

For more information, contact or call the DOE directly at (718) 935-3650.