Maury Litwack

Director of State Political Affairs

Maury Litwack directs a state-by-state plan for political action and advocacy in the OU’s many communities around the country, with a principal focus on seeking greater government support for Jewish day schools and their families in order to address the acute education affordability challenge the Orthodox community is facing. In his prior role as National Deputy Director, Maury helped lead the OU’s federal advocacy efforts on key issues while working to mobilize and teach communities the importance of active civic engagement. A recognized advocacy expert and author of The Capitol Plan, a comprehensive Washington advocacy strategy, Maury has worked with elected officials, municipalities and the OU on major aspects of their federal and state agendas during the last eight Congressional sessions. Maury’s thoughts on Washington politics are regularly quoted and have appeared in publications such as the Los Angeles Times, Politico and Forbes. Maury has been a contributor to a number of media outlets including the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Fox News, Orlando Sentinel, The Bergen Record, Business Insider and The Hill.