How can my child actually receive Transition Planning services while attending a private school? What steps need to happen?

In New York City, sitting down and developing a meaningful transition plan should take place at an IEP team meeting with your local CSE. To meet the goals in your child’s IEP, the IEP team may recommend one or more coordinated set of activities. These activities may include additional instructional services in areas such as academic support skills. Academic support skills include help with time management, note taking, homework, studying and test taking. Your child’s SETSS teacher can provide help for these skills improvement. How much additional time your child will need is dependent on the individual needs of your child. Each student is different so there can no expectation as to whether or not services are needed for your child to reach their annual goals. The decision regarding if instruction services are needed will be based on your child’s IEP and made by the CSE team responsible for your child’s IEP (which includes you the parent). The maximum amount of SETSS time per week your child can receive is 50%. If support services are determined to be needed, they must be within 50% of the school week.