100 Jewish Schools to Receive Free Security

City Council set to pass bill that will pay for private guards at private schools of a certain size.


By Amy Sara Clark
November 30, 2015

The City Council is set to pass a bill that will require the city to pay for private security guards at roughly 350 private schools across the city, including about 100 Jewish schools.

The agreement between the City Council and the de Blasio administration, announced last week, allocates up to $19.8 million for security agents at private schools with 300 or more students. By limiting the program to only larger schools, the cost dropped from the estimated $50 million it would have cost to pay for agents at all private schools. The city already pays for security agents at its 1,800 public schools.

Mayor Bill de Blasio framed the plan to pay for agents at only the larger private schools as a good compromise between fiscal and safety concerns.

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