Federal and State Advocacy

OU Advocacy has relationships with legislators, government leaders, and policymakers throughout the United States. We advocate on issues that affect and impact the Jewish community. Through our work, we support and strengthen Judaism in the United Sates and contribute to the welfare of American, Israeli and global Jewish society.

On the federal level, OU Advocacy engages the President and senior Administration officials to enrich our relationship with the top levels of government. OU Advocacy also works with U.S. Senators and Representatives to craft legislation, testify before committees and build bipartisan coalitions of support to promote and protect the Jewish community’s interests and values.

OU Advocacy’s state advocacy has grown exponentially over the past few years. We have dedicated, full-time field offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Florida, where each team works with government leaders on a bipartisan basis to build coalitions and promote the needs and interests of the Jewish community to the state legislature. We are expanding our field offices into the mid-Atlantic, New England and the West Coast and have key lay leader networks in the Southwest.

Through its work, OU Advocacy has secured millions of dollars for Jewish communities across the country.

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New York