OU Advocacy’s work brings millions of dollars to our community’s synagogues and schools.

2016 OU Advocacy Results by the Numbers

New York

OU-Teach NYS secured record funding in New York’s 2016-2017 state budget for Jewish day schools, yeshivas and other non-public schools. Working closely with coalition partners and leveraging long-standing relationships with New York State legislatures, OU-Teach NYS increased government grants and other funding for our community’s schools. In the 2016-2017 budget, OU-Teach NYS’ work succeeded in delivering $345 million for non-public schools.

New Jersey

OU Advocacy worked in New Jersey to increase funding for Jewish and other non-public school students for the 2016-17 school year. OU-Teach NJS advocated persistently in the New Jersey Legislature in the face of a very difficult budgetary and political environment.

The work paid off as OU-Teach NJS  succeeded in attaining $224 per student in Jewish and other non-public schools – the greatest non-public, per-student funding in New Jersey’s history.


OU Advocacy worked with legislators in Pennsylvania to include non-public schools in its Safe Schools Act, which provides funding for safety officers and other measures such as electronic monitoring and conflict resolution programs.

For the 2016-17 budget year OU Advocacy raised $7.5 million in tax credits – the greatest amount since OU Advocacy began working with the Pennsylvania General Assembly.


OU Advocacy-Teach Florida helped 2,056 children receive tax credit scholarships to attend 29 Jewish day schools and yeshivas during 2015-16. This marks considerable growth over a 5-year period, at the beginning of which 788 students received an average of $4,000 in scholarships apiece.


In 2005, OU Advocacy, along with coalition partners, spear headed the creation of the federal NonProfit Security Grant Program (NSGP) administered by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The grants enable nonprofits to make their facilities more secure in the face of terror threats by acquiring and installing items such as fencing, lighting, video surveillance, X-ray and metal detectors, and blast-resistant doors, locks and windows.

In 2016, OU Advocacy worked to increase funding for this program and Congress raised it $20 million for 2016-17 – $7 million more than the previous year. During 2016, the DHS awarded grants to more than 200 institutions, the majority of them Jewish day schools, synagogues and Jewish community entities.  Since its inception, the program has provided $175 million in grants to non-profit institutions including 1,000+ Jewish schools and synagogues.