A Koran for all Seasons

Posted on January 4, 2007 In Blog

Kudos to the politicos working for Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MI).

After a major league brouhaha over his use of a Koran at his swearing in ceremony, that ended up including a verbal spitball fight between Hizzoner, the once and future Mayor of New York, Ed Koch and pundit/author/radio host Dennis Prager, it looks like Congressman Ellison has the last word.

He’s using Thomas Jefferson’s (yes, that Thomas Jefferson – the author of the Declaration of Independence and our nation’s third president) personal Koran, now part of the Library of Congress’s rare book collection.

We never really understood the whole to do anyway, and don’t quite get why folks were upset over the use of the Koran, but we think it a political stroke of genius to have found this one to lay the hand on.