A Muslim Walks the Anti-terror Beat

Posted on June 22, 2007 In Blog

Sebastian Rotella of the LA Times writes up a piece about some anti-terrorism cops in Europe who are Muslim. It’s worth a read in full, both because of the prejudice or questions they face from their fellow lawmen, as well as for noting the deep distrust, even hatred they feel from fellow Muslims, especially suspects.

The two MONEY quotes are:

“I was taught that being Muslim meant being nice, honest, kind – nothing about killing or hating. People are using Islam to hate other cultures. So I fight against that. That’s my jihad.”

“They say: ‘Why are you working in anti-terror? How can you do that?’… They talk about their sympathy for the Palestinians, the Iraqis, sometimes ‘terrorism can be understandable,’ all that. But I tell them: The day you are taking a bus with your wife and kids and it goes boom, you’ll see. You won’t have the same view anymore.”
Read the full article here.