A White House Prayer – And the US Army Singing “Sim Shalom”

Posted on May 3, 2007 In Blog

The walls of The White House echoed this morning with the US Army Chorus singing a rendition of Sim Shalom and of a rabbi reciting Tehilim 145 (Ashrei).
Today is the first Thursday in May which decades ago Congress designated as the National Day of Prayer. As in past years, the OU/IPA was honored to participate in the observance of this day at The White House through the presence of OU/IPA staff and OU shul rabbis. Also in attendance were leaders of many other American faith communities as well a diverse – politically and religiously – set of US Senators including Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton, Robert Bennett, Ben Cardin and Mark Pryor. All of this was a fitting testament to the religious belief and religious freedom we are blessed with in the United States of America.