Abbas’ Admissions Beg: Where’s the Peace Camp’s Outcry?

Posted on June 1, 2009 In Blog

Last Friday, Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post published an account of his conversation with Palestinian President Abbas when the latter was in Washington to meet President Obama.
Diehl has a long record of columns presenting plenty of conventional criticisms of Israel and cannot be said to be mouthpiece for the Jewish state. So, it was all the more startling when this columnist revealed Mr. Abbas intention to do “nothing” in support of the peace process, until, Abbas believes, the Obama Administration forces Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to implement a total settlement freeze, plunge into negotiations for a two state solution or, as Abbas’ top advisers state they expect, is force out of office by American pressure.

These statements by Abbas and his people, brazenly acknowledging they have little interest in the peace process (and also saying they couldn’t accept the incredible concessions offered a few months ago by previous Prime Minister Olmert) was so at odds with devotees to the peace process and the view that any problems it suffers must be the fault of Israel, that on Saturday the New York Times criticized Abbas for his statement of “depressing passivity” and called upon him to do more.

But where is the dismay of the “pro-peace-process” Jewish left? Oh. they were quick last week to applaud Secretary of State Hilary Clinton for pressing Israel for a settlement freeze, and calling upon Congressman Eric Cantor to explain
why he was more supportive of Israel of late than other members of congress.

But they haven’t said a word about Abbas’ transparent treachery.

Does the Jewish left only exist to blame Israel?