Advocating for our Schools: All New York City Students Deserve to be Safe at School

Posted on December 25, 2014 In Blog

All New York City schoolchildren should be safe at school, regardless of whether they attend public or non-public school. To that end, OU Advocacy-Teach NYS is working with the New York City Council to pass Intro 65, a bill that would provide school safety agents to every school in the City.

Currently, there is no mandate to provide School Safety Agents to all schools and placement decisions are made by the NYPD. Intro 65 would shift the placement determination to the schools and allow all non-public schools to have the same access to the School Safety Agents as public schools have. If passed, the law would allow all public and non-public schools to receive a School Safety Agent within 10 days of submitting a formal request.

Through our advocacy, the number of co-sponsors for Intro 65 grew from 11 to 44. This “super majority” of 44 co-sponsors—out of a total of 51 City Council Members—guarantees the bill will have a hearing within 90 days.

OU Advocacy-Teach NYS applauds Council Member David Greenfield for his leadership on and sponsorship of Intro 65 and thanks our partners in the City Council who responded to our advocacy and co-sponsored this bill to ensure that all of our children have the safest environment possible.

We are continuing to work with our allies in the City Council to ensure the bill is voted into law. Click here to join our efforts to get Intro 65 passed.