Annapolis unplugged

Posted on March 6, 2008 In Blog

The average age in Annapolis dropped today by several decades. Schoolchildren from nonpublic schools across Maryland have descended on the Capitol to lobby their legislators on the BOAST tax credit, a tax credit for non public school teacher certification coursework (public school teachers already get this credit) and keeping the level of funds for textbooks and technology.

Besides Catholic schools, Jewish day schools from Baltimore and Montgomery County were represented. IPA staff joined the day as well, visiting offices and pushing the bills. Our partners at Agudath Israel were also represented.

Delegate James Proctor, the lead sponsor of BOAST in the House, is speaking now prior to lunch, describing how he is a former public school teacher and a dues paying member of the Maryland teacher’s union, and still supports these issues because “these teachers are our teachers, these children are our children”.