Bloomberg gets the Lieberman treatment

Posted on July 9, 2007 In Blog

The AP’s Rachel Zoll pursues her religion beat writing on Mayor Mike and his as of yet undeclared presidential candidacy. The Mayor gets treatment similar to what Senator Lieberman got in 2000 and 2004, though given that he is not particularly observant, there are no “how would he” or “what if” questions.

With a zinger from our friend (and the Mayor’s) Rabbi Joe Potasnik about the Mayor’s shul attendance record (the Rabbi also has a more serious quote with which we agree – how nice in America that a serious (potential) candidate for president happens to be Jewish) as well as analysis from JCRC’s Michael Miller on the Mayor’s Jewish comfort level, the article meanders through the Mayor’s philanthropy, his solidarity with Israel, his own statements on Judaism, his place within it and its place in him.

Still, the fact that the article is getting written, leads us to wonder if the Mayor’s self deprecating line about 5’7″ divorced Jewish billionaires making and White House runs has some truth. Time will (if he throws his hat in the ring) tell.