Bush on Our Schools

Posted on April 24, 2008 In Blog

Today, the White House is hosting a summit on children and “faith-based schools.”

The day long summit has several panels of experts discussing critical issues from many angles.

President Bush just delivered his keynote remarks.

After restating his commitment to improving America’s public schools, the President strongly urged that we recognize the “national interest” in supporting the viability of faith-based schools. The President urged:
* federal support for faith-based schools through “Pell Grants for Kids” to give federal funds for low income children to attend nonpublic schools;
* state and local government assistance for such schools through initiatives such as the tax credit program in Pennsylvania and other states;
* private sector support through charitable contributions to scholarship funds and other means;
* and for every American to devote some of their volunteer time to a faith-based school.

We appreciate the President convening this conference. We also hope that those running to be this nation’s next President, will not only take note of this issue, but respond to the Summit by articulating their policy proposals for assisting America’s faith-based schools.