Candidate Questionnaires for NY9 Special Election: Turner & Weprin

Posted on September 1, 2011 In Archives

As the nonpartisan public policy arm of the nation’s largest representative Orthodox Jewish organization‚ representing nearly 1,000 congregations nationwide‚ the OU’s Institute for Public Affairs works to promote Jewish values and protect Jewish interests in the public square.  This candidate questionnaire is part of our voter education efforts to educate our communities and the candidates for office, elected officials and policymakers on vital community concerns and crucial community policy priorities. The OU has a long history of nonpartisan advocacy with elected officials and candidates for public including presidential candidates, candidates and officeholders for statewide, federal and local office.  The OU is a non-profit, non-partisan organization and therefore does not endorse nor support candidates for federal, state or local office. 

Given the high number of Orthodox Jewish voters in the Ninth Congressional District, we asked the candidates to opine on issues of import to our community.  We urge every voter to read their responses as they determine who to vote for.  To see their responses, simply click on their names:  Democrat David Weprin and Republican Robert Turner.

 And most importantly, we urge everyone to vote, September 13.

 For more information on the OU’s policy positions on the issues raised in the questionnaire visit our homepage .