Circumcision Ban goes to Court

Posted on June 23, 2011 In Blog

Efforts to defeat the proposed ban on circumcision on San Francisco’s ballot continue. Yesterday, the “StopCircBan” coalition of which the OU is a member went to court (California Superior Court) and asked the judge to pull it off the ballot.

It looks like the organizers of this ban, in their efforts to pretend it’s not an attack on religion (read their comic book about an aryan looking Foreskin Man superhero who battles Monster Mohel and you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise) went overboard – or more to the point, legally, overbroad – and included doctors in the ban.

But California state law preempts any locality from regulating the medical profession. Oops.

Even if the judge decides to keep it on the ballot, we are heartened by the good people of San Francisco, who in the latest poll opposed the ban by 4-1.