Donald Trump Speaks at AIPAC

Posted on March 28, 2016 In News

Will Trump Blow it?

Trump’s speech at AIPAC is about more than AIPAC, Jews and the Mideast:
Is he a serious candidate?

This morning Hillary Clinton is speaking at the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. As President Barack Obama’s secretary of state, Hillary felt comfortable with Arabists at the State Department, and she seamlessly undermined Israel. But she will not be held accountable. Many Democrats in the AIPAC audience remain in denial. Others, knowing she is a good friend of Jewish campaign bundlers, but only a Fair Weather Friend of Israel, will be pleasant. She might be president.

Democrats are no longer the party of mainstream John F. Kennedy who blockaded Cuba, but the party of leftist Barack Obama who enshrines Cuba. Just as Obama apologized to the Arab world, he now, hat in hand, ups the ante and takes his family to Cuba. Obama, a lightweight, compares his Cuba gambit to foreign policy chess grandmaster Richard Nixon’s rapprochement with China, which was too big to ignore, and a chess move by Nixon to destabilize the Soviet Union, which fell about a decade and a half later, thanks also to Ronald Reagan. Cuba is a thorn in our side, a cancer to be excised from the hemisphere. The gangsters running the island should be overthrown, not glamorized. The dumbed-down Obama talks about the “people of Cuba”; Nixon knew he was not dealing with the “people of China.” America is, after all, in Obama’s view, just another country. Communists, Muslims, Christians, Jews, it’s all about diversity.

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