How to end the Palestinian Authority’s ‘pay-for-slay’ laws

Posted on March 6, 2017 In Blog, News

By Nathan Diament

Terror returned to Israel last week (February 28) when a Palestinian terrorist, Saad Muhammad Ali Qaisiya, entered the West Bank home of an Israeli man and tried to stab him to death. Instead, the Israeli – whose wife and infant were also at home – successfully fended off Qaisya, grabbed a gun and killed him.

Back in the Qaisya’s village of Dhahiriya, it’s likely that Qaisiya’s family held a traditional martyr’s celebration for him – and awaited the life-long reward money that terrorists’ families receive from their government, courtesy of American taxpayers.

In fact, murdering Israelis and Americans is lucrative business for Palestinian terrorists and their families; terrorists are paid monthly “salaries” as high as $3,429 while in prison. When released, they receive as much as $25,000 in reward money and often become PA civil service employees. In Qaisiya’s case, if he was married, his family will receive a $368 monthly stipend in perpetuity, and additional funding depending on the number of children he had.

Even more mind-boggling is that not only do Americans unwittingly pay these stipends with their taxes, they are codified in Palestinian law.

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