How Far Will the Obama Administration Go in Maligning Israel?

by Jonathan Feldstein

April 1, 2015

Since before Israel’s recent election, and most notably after, it feels that Israel in general and Prime Minister Netanyahu in particular have been under a barrage of attacks from the White House and State Department. This has led many to question how it has become that the U.S. seems to be turning its back on its greatest and only democratic ally in the region, and yet at the same time running to cozy up to Iran, the greatest state sponsor of terrorism not just in the region but the world.

A growing tide of Americans have decried the White House for this, with criticism coming from Jewish and Christian religious leaders, as well as civic and political leaders. It’s gotten so bad that the Administration has been called out by a group ofcongressional Democrats. These include:

Senator John McCain commented, “Look, there was a free and fair democratic election. The only nation in the region that will have such a thing. The president should get over it. Get over your temper tantrum, Mr. President.”

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