From Alaska to Alabama, the Races That Could Change the Jewish Face of Congress

Posted on October 10, 2008 In Blog

The Jewish Daily Forward

“There would be enough members for a whole new minyan in Congress if all the Jewish candidates running for federal office were elected next month.

Scandal, ethics clouds, changing demographics and a favorable political climate will help some of the 11 Jews vying to be elected to the House and the two Jews running for the Senate, but a clean sweep by all 13 Jewish candidates — which would set a record for the number of Jews elected to Congress — remains a long shot, according to analysts, campaign operatives and election handicappers.

Regardless of the election outcome, Jews continue to be well represented, at least in terms of raw numbers, on Capitol Hill. Though Jews are only about 2% of America’s total population, Jewish lawmakers already represent nearly 10% of Congress. They include 29 Jews in the House and 13 in the Senate.”

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