High Holidays Security Issues

Posted on September 26, 2005 In Press Releases


TO: Rabbis, Synagogue & Community Leadership
FROM: Orthodox Union, Department of Synagogue & Community Services
Orthodox Union, Institute for Public Affairs
DATE: September 21, 2005
RE: High Holidays Security Issues

The Department of Synagogue & Community Services and the Institute for Public Affairs urge all shuls and community institutions to remain vigilant during the High Holiday/Yamin Noraim season.

Even with no specific, credible threats against Jewish institutions at this time, vigilance on the part of the community is the best defense.

Local police are available to help communities meet their safety and security needs.

Synagogues and community institutions should be in contact directly with their local police to discuss specific situations and needs.


If you see anything suspicious, please contact your local law enforcement to report the activity.

In an emergency, as always, continue to dial 911.

If you need help in reaching out to your local police, or if you have specific questions, please contact the OU/IPA at 212-613-8123 (you may also e-mail Howie Beigelman directly at howieb@ou.org) or Synagogue & Community Services at 212-613-8300.