Institute for Public Affairs of Orthodox Union Provides Information

Posted on October 29, 2001 In Press Releases

As the response to the need to increase our efforts to disseminate information regarding the current crisis in Israel and the U.S.-led war on terrorism, the Institute for Public Affairs of the Orthodox Union is distributing talking points and updated information to be used for synagogues, Jewish community leaders, students and teachers in order to provide background and perspective on the current events. We intend these materials to be used to aid in responses to media outlets, elected officials, and to individuals in the workplace and any other venues where these issues might be raised or discussed.

The first in this series of talking points that will be issued is currently available by calling (212) 613-8124 or logging on to our website and clicking on IPA.

We are also making available an updated Media Monitoring Guide, complete with letter writing tips and an updated list of media outlets, including names, addresses, fax numbers, and e-mails of appropriate personnel to whom your correspondence should be directed.

We urge you to provide these materials to all your members, lay leaders, students, and others who are involved in Israel advocacy. Please make them available at special synagogue programs, community gatherings, school assemblies and other appropriate events.

Materials are available by calling (212) 613-8123