Insurance Restrictions for Travelers to Israel Dropped

Posted on June 5, 1996 In Press Releases

The Institute for Public Affairs of the Orthodox Union expressed its gratification today at Met Life’s announcement that they will drop the restrictions on life insurance coverage that they had placed on those who travel to Israel.

They will now offer policies with face amounts of up to $500 thousand of coverage which will be unaffected by travel to Israel including numerous trips back and forth to that country. Dr. Mandell I. Ganchrow, President, said “We are glad that Met Life has now recognized the reality of the Jewish community’s commitment to tourism to Israel and has decided not to discriminate against this community’s dedication and loyalty.

We thank New York State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assemblyman Jules Polonetsky for their proposed legislation and for their resolve in settling this important issue as soon as they had been alerted to the problem by Orthodox Union Board Member Menno Ratzker.

We urge other insurance companies to follow the reasonable decision of Met Life”. Assemblyman Jules Polonetsky said, “The Orthodox Union gets credit for this one. Had they not blown the whistle on this form of discrimination it would still continue.”

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