Tolerance & Intolerance Documented

Posted on July 2, 2007 In Blog

The Boston Globe’s Jeff Jacoby takes issue with the personal attacks leveled at his hometown candidate, Governor Romney, on the basis of his Mormon faith.

The full column is here and we are in full agreement with his sentiments.

We have made the point several times (here and here) that tolerance is a two way street. Americans of faith and those with none, and more to the point here, those with different faiths, must share the same public space. It’s more than just the buzzwords of multiculturalism – but it’s the basic decency of respect for all that is an American hallmark that demands it.

Which is why it is nice to see that the successors to the Founding Fathers who enshrined religious tolerance in our laws and our precedents, have seen fit to welcome for the first time ever, a Hindu chaplain, Rajan Zed, to open the US Senate for business this coming July 12. Neither of his home state Senator’s, Nevada’s Harry Reid, the Democratic Majority Leader, or Republican John Ensign take credit for sponsoring him as guest chaplain, but whichever one is the anonymous party responsible, we say: Congress gets a lot of flack for a lot – some deservedly, some not. They rarely get credit for good work done good, and here’s something noteworthy and positive.