Support Israel by Encouraging Pres. Bush and Secy Rice – Sign the OU-IPA Petition!

Posted on August 2, 2006 In Press Releases

The next few days are a critical time for Israel in its current confrontation with those who would destroy her. The U.N. and international diplomats are accelerating their efforts to impose a ceasefire before Israel completes its operations to defeat Hezbollah.

Standing firmly in Israel’s corner since the inception of this conflict has been her true ally, the United States, led by President Bush and his foreign policy team.

It is vitally important that American supporters of Israel convey to the President and Secretary of State Rice our appreciation for their leadership and their support for Israel as the international pressure upon the U.S. to end Israel’s anti-terrorist campaign mounts. Please sign our online petition – and forward the weblink to your friends, family, and others you know for them to sign.

The petition will be delivered to The White House and to the Department of State. Sign on and forward it now!

Dear President Bush and Secretary Rice,

We the undersigned members of the Orthodox Jewish community in the United States are writing to express our deep appreciation for your strong support of the State of Israel as she faces renewed and escalating acts of terrorism.

Words cannot express our shock at the heinous acts of violence perpetrated upon innocent Israelis in recent weeks escalating from daily rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel, to the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers to the opening of hostilities by Hezbollah from the Lebanese border.

We applaud your strong condemnation of these murderous attacks, are grateful for your expressions of sympathy toward the victims, and support your demand that those with influence upon Hamas and Hezbollah put an end to their provocative actions.

Mr. President and Dr. Rice, we thank you for your consistent and principled leadership in the global battle against terrorism and for your staunch commitment to the safety and security of Israel.

At this grim hour for Israel, we will continue to pray that through the principled leadership of the United States, as well as Prime Minister Olmert and others, the current conflict might open a pathway to peace.