It’s All About the Children

Posted on June 28, 2007 In Blog

The OU recently wrote Ohio Governor Ted Strickland asking that he support the special education voucher program.

While we like our letter, we couldn’t have said it any better than the edit page over at the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which comes out swinging for the program.

Urging the governor to support the program in his budget, they write “Governor, this proposal isn’t about public schools versus private ones, or even Democrats versus Republicans. Rather, it’s about finding the best ways to educate the most vulnerable segment of the state’s school population.”

This is a concept we’ve said again and again – helping students, children and families shouldn’t come down to which party you belong to, but what is best for those needing help.

As the PD edit page pleads “Governor, don’t make this issue partisan. Forget about backlash from public education unions. What’s important here is helping children reach their potential. This concept deserves your support. ”

Each child according to their need, in the words of King Solomon, is a Jewish concept, but its one that ought play well in Columbus – and Akron, Cleveland, Dayton etc.