J Street Poll Confirms Opposition to Re-Dividing Jerusalem Even Within “Peace Camp”

Posted on July 16, 2008 In Blog

Today, the folks over at J Street released results of a poll they conducted among American Jews with the headline: “American Jews….overwhelmingly support aggressive U.S. leadership to resolve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”

Without getting into all the details of their data, we note that J Street’s PR for their poll conveniently omits mention of its findings on an issue we feel is of the utmost importance – the indivisibility of Jerusalem. Even among their respondents – who support “assertive peace efforts and an active U.S. role” (ie: pressure) and withdrawal from the West Bank – a majority do NOT believe Jerusalem should be re-divided with its eastern neighborhoods becoming part of a Palestinian state.
(Question 65)

A theme of the critique J Street often aims and other Jewish community advocacy groups is that they do not accurately represent the views of American Jews on Israel-related matters. What will J Street’s position on the issue of Jerusalem be now?