Jewish Winners, Losers In New Pre-K

DOE rules favor schools on far left and far right 


By Amy Sara Clark

September 9, 2014

More than 50,000 4-year-olds headed off to the city’s expanded free preschool program last week. But for Jewish preschools, the new program has only benefitted those at the ends of the religious spectrum, leaving schools in the middle shut out.

“What we hear from the schools is that it’s a very tempting and attractive [public funding] package, and there’s a lot of disappointment that the structure is as rigid as it is,” said David Tanenbaum, education affairs associate for Agudath, Israel who advocated on behalf of charedi yeshivas during the pre-K expansion.

“A lot of schools feel that they can’t take advantage of the opportunity, and they would like to,” he added.

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