Jimmy Carter Sees NSA Jim Jones

Posted on March 18, 2009 In Blog

Politico’s non-stop news site reports:

“Jimmy Carter is inside the West Wing right now. (9:29 a.m.)…Jimmy Carter …just walked out of the West Wing and got into the waiting SUV. (9:54 a.m.)…Carter was meeting with [White House National Security Adviser] General Jim Jones, a White House aide said. (9:59 a.m.)…the meeting lasted for more than an hour.”

Before the day is out, expect the spinners of the Left to say – “you see, Obama is listening to those of us who want him to press the incoming crazy right-wing Israeli government to do all the things we know better to be in Israel’s best interests…” After all, they’ve already said that in the wake of the Chas Freeman affair (“…evidence that the Freeman stand down does not mean that Obama is going all Likud on us. Not by a long shot.”).

But we would suggest thinking about this – a former occupant of the Oval Office (there are only four) comes to The White House and does not meet with the current President, but is only “briefly greeted” by him, instead he’s seen by the National Security Adviser. That does not exactly suggest Mr. Obama is eager to listen to, much less follow, Jimmy Carter’s advice.

(Oh, and since we linked above to that assertion made by IPF’s analyst, we thought we ought to point out that his “evidence” for his assertion is a blog at The Nation, which cites as its source for the contention that “visiting General Ashkenazi didn’t exactly find the welcome mat rolled out for him”.

A source which, frankly, seems a bit kooky.