Josh Pruzansky on JM in the AM Discusses Tuition Affordability and the Importance of Voting

October 12, 2015

With the Jewish holiday season behind us and the regularly scheduled school year underway, Nachum Segal hosted Josh Pruzansky, NJ Regional Director for Teach NJS live at JM in the AM this morning for a Teach NJS update and an important discussion about financing Jewish education. Teach NJS,  an initiative of the OU Advocacy Center, Jewish Federations and 20 Jewish day schools and yeshivas, works with NJ state legislators to secure state funding for NJ Jewish day schools and yeshivas. This year, Teach NJS is focusing on four primary areas: Security, Technology, Textbooks and Nursing. Nachum and Rabbi Pruzansky emphasized the importance of being a registered voter and getting the needs of the Jewish community met by our political representatives.

Click here to listen to the full interview between Josh Pruzansky and Nachum Segal.