Judge Mukasey Takes Charge

Posted on November 14, 2007 In Blog

The OU/IPA was honored to attend today’s formal installation of Judge Michael Mukasey as the 81st (2nd Jewish) Attorney General of the United States.

After the Judge’s (very cute) grandsons led the audience in the Pledge of Allegiance, President Bush spoke noting that Judge Mukasey “knows what it takes to fight the war on terror effectively. And he knows how to do it in a matter that is consistent with our laws and our Constitution.” Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office, and then Attorney General Mukasey addressed the assembled audience of family, senators, guests and Justice Department employees – in which he pledged: “to use all of the strength of mind and body that I have to help you to continue to protect the freedom and the security of the people of this country – and their civil rights and liberties – through the neutral and even-handed application of the constitution and the laws enacted under it; to ask myself in every decision I make whether it helps you to do that; to take the counsel not only of my own insights but also of yours, and to pray that I can help give you the leadership you deserve.”