Latest AJC Poll of US Jews

Posted on October 12, 2010 In Archives

The American Jewish Committee has released its latest Survey of American Jewish Opinion.

Key findings include a decline in approval for President Obama, an increase in approval for Prime Minister Netanyahu and middle of the road views on peace process issues.

We would note, in the words of the AJC:

“A majority of American Jews, 60 percent, continued to support a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.”

NY Jewish Week’s Jim Besser has more

Shmuel Rosner also hones in on the split between Orthodox Jews on the one hand, and Conservative and Reform Jews on the other with regard to key political issues.

Rosner notes that Orthodox Jews have (again) higher disapproval rates of Obama’s handling of Israel than the others – but it is striking how the Conservative Jews’ disapproval of Obama has risen since March.

Rosner also notes that Orthodox approval of Israeli PM Netanyahu is lower than that of Conservative and Reform and wonders whether it is because (a) Orthodox Jews think Bibi should be more hard line with the US or (b) Orthodox Jews follow US-Israel relations in microscopic detail and note Bibi bears some blame for US-Israel tensions.