Legal Battle Ends; Shabbat Elevator to be Installed

Posted on August 21, 2009 In Blog

A two year long dispute and lengthy legal battle at the Strathmore Towers condominium complex is finally over as management and board have come to terms over the installment of a Shabbat elevator in the 56-unit, nine-story condominium on Park Heights Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Orthodox Union (the “OU”), a strong supporter of legislation to prevent religious discrimination in housing, submitted testimony to the State of Maryland House of Delegates earlier this year in support of HB 690, which prohibits a person from refusing to make reasonable accommodations for religious practices in rules, policies, practices, or services when the accommodations may be necessary to afford an individual equal opportunity to use and enjoy a covered multifamily dwelling.

The OU supports the decision of the Strathmore Towers condominium management and board, and applauds the state of Maryland Commission on Human Relations for their commitment to seeing that the Strathmore Tower’s bylaws are amended to reflect this willingness for accommodation of religious preferences so as to prevent any sort of discrimination of the basis of religion.