Lieberman Keeps Chairmanship

Posted on November 18, 2008 In Blog

Senate Democrats have just emerged from their first post-election Caucus meeting and they’ve announced that Senator Joe Lieberman will retain his chairmanship of the Committee on Homeland Security as well as chair of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Air-Land forces; he will lose his position on the Committee on Environment and Public Works. After the Caucus meeting, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid noted that the senators felt it was time to move on and noted that it was only thanks to Joe Lieberman having held the majority in the Senate over the past two years; Senator Lieberman thanked President-Elect Obama for expressing his desire that the Democrats keep Lieberman in their caucus as well as Senators Reid, Dodd, Salazar, Nelson, and Carper for crafting the positive outcome.

We are pleased that Senator Lieberman – a leader on so many issues the Orthodox Jewish community cares about – has been supported by his colleagues, and that those who agitated for intolerance and retribution were turned back by the Senators as well as the President-Elect.