Senator Joseph Lieberman Scholars

Posted on October 25, 2006 In Press Releases

Senator Joseph Lieberman Scholars
are individuals vitally interested in learning more about, and involving themselves in, the political and social issues that affect the Jewish community in particular, as well as the world-at-large. Committed to Tikkum Olam – making the world a better place – they are eager to articulate their own thoughts and opinions and to follow through with activities that reflect their points of view. Scholars must have a strong academic record and demonstrate their readiness to take on additional responsibilities. They should be able to gain the respect of adults involved in the program, interact well with others and serve as leaders to their peers.

After being designated a Lieberman Scholar at the close of the junior year of high school, each Scholar will be asked to monitor a major issue confronting Congress during its next session. In monitoring the issue, the Lieberman Scholar will communicate with members of Congress and other public policy officials. The Scholar will also regularly review his/her activities with a program advisor and produce written reports regarding the development of their issues. Throughout the the program, Scholars will also initiate action-oriented political activities in their communities. The Orthodox Union will sponsor the attendance of Lieberman Scholars at select educational seminars and conferences on a pre-approved basis. In the past, Scholars have attended the United Jewish Communities General Assembly, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs Annual Plenum, the AIPAC Policy Conference and the OU’s Annual Mission to Washington.

Lieberman Scholars alumni will be given special consideration for participation in the IPA Washington Internship Program

Applicants must be entering their senior year of high school.

Applications must be submitted by Monday, July 3, 2006.

Applications will require detailed biographical information, copies of the applicant’s high school transcripts and standardized test scores, three letters of recommendation and an essay. Applicants may be called to schedule a telephone interview.

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Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut gained national prominence as the Democratic candidate for Vice President in the 2000 election. Senator Lieberman has fought for a strong national defense, a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, fiscal responsibility by the federal government and protection of the environment. An observant Jew, he has also taken a leadership role on the moral challenges confronting our society and has advocated, for example, greater responsibility by the entertainment industry in the films, TV programs and music it produces. He is the author of In Praise of Public Life. Senator Lieberman has been an active member of the Orthodox community and, as a friend of the Orthodox Union, he has spoken at major Union functions. He and his wife, Hadassah, are outstanding role models for our youth.

The Senator Joseph Lieberman Scholars Program is a joint project of the Institute for Public Affairs (IPA) and the National Conference of Synagogue Youth (NCSY) – divisions of the Orthodox Union. The goal of this program is to educate and cultivate leaders of the Jewish community and American society for the decades ahead. The Lieberman Scholars Program occurs during a student’s senior year of high school. Over the course of the year, Lieberman Scholars will monitor issues in Congress, initiate programs of community interest and attend educational programs and seminars, including many of the ongoing programs of the Orthodox Union, IPA and NCSY.