McCain gets the Lieberman

Posted on December 17, 2007 In Blog

Senator John McCain’s never say die presidential campaign gets a lift today from his fellow Senator Joe Lieberman (I and D, CT) who endorsed McCain in his neighboring state of New Hampshire just moments ago.

As Mike Allen at Politico points out, this was a thrice charmed weekend of good news for McCain – picking up the endorsements of the Des Moines Register and the Boston Globe – though they split their Dem nods between Senators Clinton and Obama.

While the political chatter will focus on Lieberman skipping his own senior senator, Chris Dodd and his longtime friend, Senator Clinton, to cross the aisle and the center for McCain, we wonder what effect this has past New Hampshire, where the independent Lieberman is supposed to move the Granite State’s notoriously quirky independent voters.

Come NJ, Florida and Michigan, each with sizable Jewish blocs – and Orthodox ones at that, we wonder if the Lieberman nod will take votes from either Senator Clinton or Mayor Giuliani, the current polling favorites for Jewish votes. It could be that Lieberman is only one of two Jewish pols who can move votes – the other being former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, whose endorsement of BC ’04 helped move Florida towards the GOP column. Remains to be seen if Senator Joe can do the same magic.