Nathan Diament on JM in the AM Discusses the Emergency Mission to Washington to Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal

September 4, 2015

In anticipation of next week’s Emergency Mission to Washington to Stop the Iran Nuclear Deal, Nachum Segal hosted Nathan Diament, Executive Director of the OU Advocacy Center, to discuss the event and the importance of getting involved. From the OU Advocacy Center website: “We need you in Washington on September 9th to show Congress that our synagogue/communal leaders are united against the Iran nuclear deal. Join together with rabbis and Jewish leaders from across the country to urge Congress to vote against this bad deal that will pave the path to a nuclear armed Iran. The Orthodox Union believes the Iran nuclear deal is far from the “Good Deal” that we advocated for with Congress and does not close off the pathways to an Iranian nuclear weapon. Congress has 60 days to review the details of the deal and vote to approve or disapprove of its participation in lifting sanctions against Tehran. Their vote is expected to take place on Thursday, September 10.”

Click here to listen to Nachum Segal’s conversation with Nathan Diament.