Nathan Lindenbaum & Sam Moed interviewed on JM in the AM to discuss OU’s Teach NJS initiative

Nachum hosted Nathan Lindenbaum & Sam Moed on this morning’s JM in the AM for a last minute update on tomorrow night’s launch of the new Teach NJS Initiative that aims to increase government funding for Jewish education. “Five months ago, a group of day schools and yeshivas met to discuss how to increase government funding to Jewish education. Discussed was the $186 per child that the state currently allocates and the need for a robust and serious campaign to increase this funding in the short-term and obtain greater services and funding in the long-term.” Everyone is invited out to Congregation Rinat Yisrael, 389 West Englewood Avenue in Teaneck, NJ for the official launch of the initiative. There is no cost to attend the event. Visit the event website HERE.

To listen to the full interview, click here.