Need for Pluralism on 9/11 Anniversary

Posted on September 8, 2011 In No categories

The Washington Post’s “On Faith” panel is holding a discussion about the propriety of including or excluding religious leaders and prayers from this weekend’s memorial services commemorating the tenth anniversary of the attacks of 9-11-01.

In my post, I write:

In the course of discussing the infinite value of a single human life, the Talmud records the following:

“Man was created as a single individual, to teach you …. the greatness of G-d. When a human mints several coins from the same mold, each one comes out identical. But the King of Kings mints each person from the mold of Adam, and no one is identical to any other one…and just as their appearances are diverse, so too are their thoughts and personalities diverse….”

The terrible attacks of 9/11 claimed victims who were adherents of a variety of faiths, and of no faith at all. Thus, the memorial observances ought to be as broadly inclusive as possible – in line with the broad spectrum of those who suffered directly, or even indirectly as part of the human family.

Everyone needs to remember, and be re-affirmed in living, in their own way. For some that will be through religious teaching or practice, for some a different way. The 9/11 memorial ceremonies must offer all these paths for human need.


Posted by Nathan Diament